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  • DEFINITION: "electronic marketplace" of online courses and programs in college and universities. It  was designed to provide learning opportunities from accredited colleges and universities. 
  • So,  learners could be assured of the quality and integrity of the courses and programs available in the Electronic Campus, that comparable information would be provided to help learners in making decisions that best met their needs, and that learners could quickly and easily search the large database of course and program offerings. 
  • Electronic Campus is a gateway to e-learning opportunities and online services designed to meet the unique needs of adult learners wishing to start, continue, or complete their education. 
  • It provides a simpler, friendlier one-stop place for adults to learn about and understand educational opportunities, to select campuses and/or e-learning opportunities that best match their needs, and to apply online and enroll in courses or programs. 
  • In addition, the Electronic Campus is an online resource for traditional-aged students with links to planning for, exploring, and applying online to hundreds of colleges and universities. 


  1. In 1987, Northwest Missouri State University implemented the first comprehensive networked campus in the nation at a public university to prepare its faculty, staff and students for the emerging information-driven society.
  2. Northwest's Electronic Campus Program was was heralded by the Washington Post and USA Today as innovative and exigent, provided networked computing stations in every residence hall room, faculty office and administrative office.
  3.  In 1997, Northwest began to issuing a personal notebook computer to all of its faculty members and added electronic classrooms with audio and video projection systems.
  4. In this 21st century, Northwest's Electronic Campus has mastered many technological challenges.


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